Get Your Roof Ready for Winter

Winter is finally here, and although the deep freezes and massive snowstorms haven’t yet put a grip on our homes, being proactive can avoid all the headaches that go along with that. You may winterize your car, but don’t forget about the roof of your home.


If you’re worried about cost, time and effort, don’t worry about that. It won’t take long, just a visual inspection from a licensed and professional Suffolk roofing contractor. It’s best to get this over and done with before frost and snow covers the roof of your home. We don’t recommend any homeowner unless they are licensed and trained, to inspect the roof of their home themselves. Many things can happen within a split of a second that could lead up to injury or death.

What can you do to help?

Take a look and inspect your home’s interior for potential signs of leaks. In most cases leaks could show up as brown or yellow stains on ceilings. Sometimes wet spots are a dead giveaway in determining whether or not you have a leak on your roof. Roof leaks can turn into big problems if they are not treated within a timely manner.

Checking your insulation in your attic can help out a lot. If your attic is poorly insulated, condensation may become present and this can eventually promote the growth of mold and mildew eruptions. Your home’s interior structure can be significantly impacted by these outbreaks.  Attic frost can form from a term called attic bypasses. When warm air from within the house escapes through the bypasses, the moisture condenses on the roof boards can form frost. When the weather begins to become warm again, that same frost thaws, and that can cause leakage within your home. Again this is another factor in the promotion of mold.


When it comes to determining what’s wrong with your roof yourself, it’s very likely; your eyes won’t always be able to completely assess the roof’s condition. It’s incredibly easy to look over unsealed seams, gaps, and cracks. Eyes that are not aware of small but significant signs of damage can’t always detect the nicks and bumps like how a specialist would. Any one of these can cause extensive damage before being noticed. Trained eyes would be able to pinpoint exactly where the minor issues are as well as the major ones. A licensed roofing contractor can carefully and thoroughly review your roofing situation, which can save you thousands of dollars in damages.

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